At the beginning of the story is Michel’s, the father, aim of merging a Buell V2 inside a Voxan’s frame. Considering the challenge, Jimmy, the son, proposed to design and build the frame from scratch.

Being a mechanical Engineer and Race Mechanic, Michel was confident and gave him the green light. In 2019, Jimmy gets diagnosed with a lung cancer and because of chemo constraints had to leave his job. What was a week-end father & son project became a life project for him. Hence, they decide to create a naked street bike with an American V2 engine as the heart of the machine.
The concept was to mix technologically advanced solutions like 3D modelling and CNC cutting with craftmanship.

Michel, Industry Senior Executive, wanted to follow an industrial process from design through fabrication, procurement to construction and build this motorcycle as the prototype of a future series.

The design, Engineering and construction is left to Jimmy who is an industrial Engineer and a race mechanic.
Ben joined during Covid, fabricating the stainless-steel exhaust manifold and designing the gas tank.

Passion is at the heart of our work. We design and
build each bike like it is our own one. We believe in technology and craftmanship and bring both together to achieve excellence.
We take no shortcuts and bring quality and riding
pleasure at the forefront.


Our commitment

To always provide our customers with innovative and tailored motorcycles anchored on quality and passion
To always bring emotion by creating bespoke bikes that exceed their owners’ expectations.

To set up new benchmarks with innovative and
emotional bikes and redefine riding pleasure



Father & Son, same passion

A senior industry executive with 30+ years of Oil & Gas experience.
He is a Harley Davidsons and hot rods enthusiast, riding himself a 1948 Panhead and driving a Supercharged V8 powered ’32 Ford.
He is a ECPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management) expert who’s bringing his experience to our bikes.

Michel Messina

The Father

Jimmy Messina

The Son
A Mechanical Engineer and race mechanic with a passion for 2 and 4 wheels.
What he likes the more is research and development, always in a search of innovative solutions.
He has worked for racing teams as engineer and mechanic and riding bikes since he was 3.
He is designing automotive parts using 3d modelling software like Catia or Solidworks and modifying bikes in the family’s garage since he was 14.


We bring passion at the heart of our work and strive to reach excellence We aim to create a piece of motorcycle art through innovative design, engineering excellence and great people. We pay attention to all details that are revealed through our naked design.


We want each motorcycle to be the reflection of its owner’s personality. From colors to materials, though wheels, brakes, engine power and accessories, we build unique tailored motorcycles. The owner becomes a major player in the design of his bike and we integrate him as a member of the team. We configure the bike based on customer’s requirements and specifications to provide him with the best riding experience.

On-Demand Manufacturing

We have selected manufacturing partners who produce parts on demand, from CNC manufacturing to handcrafted aluminum and leather. Each new motorcycle is the product of thousands of man and machine hours of work.

Design and Engineering

Our process is a bespoke association of innovative engineering techniques, craftsmanship and modern design.

Hand Assembly

Each new motorcycle is hand-assembled and tested in our facility. This process is a guarantee of quality and traceability.

A lightweight, powerful roadster introducing an innovative frame design to boast the American V2 Engine in its heart.

A modern 750 XR inspired Flat Tracker