We bring passion at the heart of our work and strive to reach excellence.

Our 1st prototype sr1 represents this philosophy.This SR1 is meant to be produced in small customizable series. Hence, all ideas for customization are welcome and your imagination is the limit. Jimmy was working in second bike which will be a modern tribute to the famous Harley- Davidson XR 750. His last wish was to keep developing cool bikes and performance parts. We already have a rolling chassis and designing the engine but the body is still to be designed.

Let’s change motorcycle world together

Jimmy knew his time was counted and during the lastfive years, he established the landmarks for Messina Motorcycles and my duty is to ensure its future. Some of his future projects were to revive an old French motorcycle brand with thermal and electrical models, design motorcycles for the US King of Bagger and Flat Track championship.

One of Jimmy’s last wishes before leaving us was that we continue the adventure without him.
We have already established partnerships with an engineering company, craftsmen and a designer with whom we had already worked on the SR1 and hired a young engineer to take over from Jimmy.

New thermal and electrical prototypes are already at work. The goal today is to find financial and/or industrial partners in order to continue this adventure started together in the family garage and become a full-fledged motorcycle manufacturer.

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